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Welcome to Ameriwiki, an encyclopedia with an Americentric, conservative, Christian-friendly viewpoint. We welcome all contributors, even those who disagree with us. We currently have 1,035 articles and are expanding. Please create an account and help!

Vital Articles

We now have lists of important articles that Ameriwiki needs to be a valuable encyclopedia. It would be great if everyone, as well as working on articles that interest them personally, could try to fill in the many gaps we have at the moment. The Top 10 required articles all now exist, but many of them are short and need expanding; please do whatever you can to add value to them. After that obviously comes filling in the Top 100, and then we can get REALLY ambitious and start on the rest of the massive list that Colonel Sanders has found for us.

You can now contact us at ameriwiki@yahoo.com.

Ameriwiki Challenge

The first Ameriwiki Challenge has changed. Our challenge now is to get all our existing articles copied to our new home at Ameriwiki.org. We can do it!

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